The woman I loved was a bloodthirsty serial killer


London in the winter – just before Christmas
The protaganist came to London from Okinawa on a working holiday visa, after graduating high school.
However, there are many mysterious murders near the guesthouse he works at.
Putting a dark past behind him, a turning point comes for the protaganist as he meets many women nearby.

Heroine introduction
(Screenshots taken from a development version)

Mary A gentle live-in maid. Bell A precocious young girl who lives near the guesthouse.
Eileen A vulgar delinquent. Sada A mysterious Japanese medical student.
Lizzy An aristocratic young lady. Ann A good-for-nothing fujoshi from New Zealand.

Protaganist Introduction

Kotaro Niizato 18 years old

Born in Okinawa. A master of Ryukyu Karate,
but no skills with the ladies.

Event CG (development version)

Screenshots (development version)


Engine: Ren’py


Price TBD

Release date TBD