Syan wants to introduce the dark side of Evangelion to the world. When it was announced, it caused a huge rift in anime fandom. People who’d always been friends before started to fight. This is a quarrel that’s lasted over 10 years. Kei hates this, because she thinks that animation is something that should be enjoyed, not fought over. Anti-Evanglion critics have stolen columns from amateur sites. Because of this a lot of sites have bashed this critic:
On 2ch people have been bashing this critic for many years. This reviewer has a deformed foot, and as it’s well known, 2ch have used a lot of discriminatory language to talk about him. He’s lost a lot of jobs due to this bashing.
Kei has, in the past, always protected his stance of silence.
However, his friend, an expert on serial killers, was recently killed brutally. It was a killing very much like Capote’s “In Cold Blood”. This was a massive shock to Kei.
She told people to stop attacking him and befriend him. But many people didn’t understand her, and instead called her “crazy”. Kei became sad because, no matter how hard she tried, the fight wouldn’t end. People seem to love fighting more than being friends. Discussion of anime and manga is a way to have fun, not to prove who is the most intelligent and sophisticated. Kei likes the new Evangelion films, because Shinji has become a more positive character. So please, everyone, love anime in a positive way.