He committed suicide with charcoal.
He was secretly researching the suicide.
He left only my site for the bookmark of the personal computer. I think that this is a message to me from the old brother.

at Hokkaido with his wife

They were doing the distance love.
When she take away by bus, he was seeing off standing from her for a long time.
She is schizophrenia. The old brother was concealing it to us.
my father did domestic violence for me
in the past .The old brother was sacrificed about two fathers’ egoisms. my father regretted terribly.
I dedicated my wedding to my father. However, my fight has not ended yet.

After the old brother had died, my parents ordered me her caring.
I heard her love story and delusion and fake story.
Everyone says that my parents love me.
However, wrong love takes me to the hell.