I’ve just fixed the link in Kei’s post and thought I’d take a minute to explain what has her so worked up.
A young  Japanese wannabe-mangaka sent some sample work to the major Japanese publishers, where it ended up being circulated by a number of popular/famous mangaka, who were all pretty cruel about it – remember this is still a kid’s work, they’ve got years to mature yet before they hit the age that any of the pros who are commenting were when they started in Industry.
Kei knows full well how important support and advice from people who’ve made it in the industry is to anyone trying to enter – she was mentored for years by several well known people in the industry, and mentors young artists herself – and couldn’t believe anyone in her line of work could be so callous. As the people involved in the scandal are reasonably well known in the US, she wants to make sure that the American comics industry is aware of the scandal, and that the publishers know to her avoid – her dream is to do some work for DC, so the idea that someone so unworthy could be getting breaks for them or Marvel pains her. Again, the mangaka in question are Kotaro Mori (Gurenn Lagann), Miwa Shiro (Dogs / Hatsune Miku), Ryuusuke Hamamoto (PuchiEva / Alan Moore-chan), with Kotaro Mori apparently being the guy who (illegally) leaked the manga first.